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Complete Models

7.25" gauge LNER A3 Pacific. I am in the process of recommissioning this three cylinder model after several years of dry storage and it will be sold in full working order. The model was built, with a Swindon copper boiler completed in 1987 and the locomotive first tested in 1994. The paintwork is original and still in good order,water feed is by a pair of vertical injectors and the model is fitted with vacuum brakes on both the locomotive and tender from the onboard ejector. £24000 SOLD

7.25" gauge PRINCESS ROYAL Pacific. This model was probably built in the late 1940 or 1950's. I can confirm that prior to the last ten years or so of display this model was in full working order with boiler certification. We would expect to renew the certification prior to the point of sale and check out the model fully. Nice build with not too much detail but in generally good order. A rare model of this early Stanier PACIFIC. £24000

7.25" gauge GWR 'BULLDOG' class 4-4-0 locomotive originally built by Keith Wilson this model has had various improvements carried out over the last couple of years to make an excellent working model of an unusual Great Western locomotive. The locomotive has current boiler certification. £16500.00

7.25" gauge BR CLASS 08 outline battery electric loco with three motors, recent batteries, which have been kept trickle charged, and a 4QD controller system. The model is in oldstyle BR plain black livery onits fibreglass body molding. Nice small joy stick control on a reasonable length of cable for the driver sitting on a remote driving truck. £2595.00. I can supply a driving truck as a seperate item, see miscellaneous items. SOLD

5" gauge model to Martin Evan's design called 'Nigel Gresley'. Based on the L.N.E.R design for a class 01 locomotive this makes alarge and powerful model with excellent haulage capacity so if you require a loco to pull passengers all day then this model will certainly meet your requirements. Complete and in full working oder with current boiler certification you could be on the track tomorrow. £5495.00

5" gauge LMS 3F Tank commonly known as a 'JINTY' This model appears to be built to the Martin Evan's design and comes wtih a photographic record of the built. The model received a hydraulic test when built, which has just been renewed, but has never been steamed. We have had this model running successfully on compressed air and it runs very well. Minor work is currently required to make this a fully working model. We can carry out this work if required. £5950.00




5" gauge 'BUTCH' Just acquired as part of a breavement disposal. The model has probably sat on a shelf in the gentleman's study for at least 20 years but his nephew remembers riding behind the model when he was a youngster. The model has clearly been used and is mechanically in very good order with some excellant construction work. I will be obtaining a renewal of its boiler certification and insuring that the model is in full working order before sale. £3450.00 SOLD

5" gauge Freelance 0-4-0 tender locomotive which is small enough to be carried by one person but powerful enough to do some reasonable work. The model has current boiler certification and is in full working order.£2200.00

5" gauge Freelance Bo-Bo Diesel outline battery electric loco. This model is from the builder's own design with four motors, 24V 4QD controller,sound system and serviceable batteries,i.e complete and ready to run. The bodywork on this model is made from aluminium with a lift of roof section for access to the batteries. Almost certianly a powerful model ready to haul passengers. £1150.00

5" gauge BR CLASS 37 Diesel outline battery electric loco. The model is built on its builder's design of chassis with a body moulding from Dan Jeavons. Comes complete with 4QD controller,sound system,horns and serviceable batteries so just go and put it on the track and your away except for a coupling and driving truck!!! Larger 4 motor, powerful model with capacity to passenger haul. £1650.00

3.5" gauge 'BRITANNIA' Built to LBSC's design but completed to a very high standard this model has just arrived as part of a collection I have purchased.It will be commissioned as a fully working model if required but is currently in as new condition even though it may well be forty years old. £4250.00

3.5" gauge Great northern Railway 'Stirling Single' built to the Clarkson design and also from the same collection as the Britannia . This model is also finished to a very high standard and in as new condition. An exceptional model to find in this condition. I will commission this model if required. £3350.00

3.5" 'VIRGINIA' The last locomotive in the same collection by the builder, as a model for his sister and again completed to a very high standard this model is probably one of the best model of this LBSC design for an early American loco.Again this model is as new and can be commissioned into a fully working model if required. £2650.00

3.5" gauge GNR Atlantic built to LBSC's 'MAISIE' design. This is another nice model to this popular LBSC design. The model is in full working order with current boiler certification and past boiler history.An excellant starter model as its not too heavy but has reasonable pulling power and with a wide fireboxis quite easy to fire for a 3.5" gauge engine. Complete with box for the engine and travel tray for the tender. £1995.00

3.5" gauge Freelance narrowgauge design. An unusual model which has outside frames of a similar style and design to Conway but is fitted with a Marine boiler of a similar size to that for Sweet Violet. Fitted with slip eccentric valve gear this should be and easy model to run and will come with new boiler certification. Water feed is by either handpump,axle pump or injector. An easy one man lift this little model should provide a convenient entry to model steam. £1395.00

3.5" gauge two cylinder Pacific model built to LBSC's 'PAMELA' design. The model is finished in LMS livery to a high standard with a 'Stanier' style tender and looks rather like a 'Princess Royal'.An excellent model in full working order with current boiler certification but has seen very little use since being built by Mr.T Tucker in 1965 £4250.00 SOLD

3.5" TICH from the same stable as the Juliet above. The model is comlete and comes with a hydraulic certificate on the boiler, but I have not run this model ,so there is no steam test as yet. Again the model has a spirit fired boiler and could well be modified for gas firing quite easily. £695.00

3.5" ROB ROY A complete model of this popular design of 0-6-0 tank locomotive. It will come with a current hydraulic certificate. Will benefit from some TLC to make a nice working model but everything is there and machined to start with so the timescale to completion won't be as long as starting from scratch. £1200 ono

3.5" ROB ROY Another complete model in similar condition to the model above agian I will be selling this model with a current hydraulic certificate and hopefully a steam test. This model is slightly more refined that the previous model and will reach a running state with hopefully less work.




2.5" gauge 'DYAK' This was the first model from the collection and was completed in 1935. the builder's brother remembers running this locomotive on the garden track when he was about nine years old. So the model has seen some use but is in exceptional condition considering its age. An excellent example of this popular 2.5" gauge design by LBSC. £1950.00

2.5"gauge FAYETTE Built to LBSC design for this Freelance PACIFIC this model has the more unusual Walschaerts' valve gear running the outside cylinders. Fitted with a double acting water pump and tender hand pump for water feed. this model has just received a new hydraulic certificate on the boiler and runs extremly welll on air. Hopefully this model will have a steam certificate by the time of sale as well. £1495.00

HORNBY 'PRINCESS ELIZABETH' from the 1930's which has been updated with a later motor chassis unit to run on 12v DC. The model has original paintwork which is in nice order, some wear and scratches but what would you expect for this age of model. £1275 o.n.o

Road Steam Models

3" scale AVELING & PORTER steam wagon. Built up from a Maxitrak kit this model has been much improved. The builder being a cabinet maker has built a completely new body to a very high standard and carried out various other improvements. I will give this model a new hydraulic certificate. Very minor work is required to complete the construction. £4995.00 SOLD

1.5" scale ALLCHIN traction engine 'ROYAL CHESTER' From the same collection as the locomotive models, this is an above average model of this popular 'Hughes' design. In as new condition this model has never seen a fire. I am sure this model would make an excellent model for someones study or similar location.Little more I can say about these models they really need to be seen to appreciate the high standard of workmanship. £3950.00

2" scale CLAYTON steam wagon. Also from the collection of models and again built to a really high standard. Also as new and has never seen a fire although they have all been tested and run on compressed air. If you are looking for a model like this of exceptional build quality then this is the model for you. Would be commission as a working model if required. £2850.00

1.5" scale ALLCHIN traction engine to the Hughes design. This model has just arrived and is almost complete, there is currently no gear guard and some plumbing work requires finishing. The model is built around a commercial boiler from Cheddar Models for which I have the constructors certificate. There is also a full set of drawings and the book by Hughes on the construction which will help towards completion. £2350.00 SOLD

Stationary Engines

Probably built as a workshop engine this unit has no builders markings or details. Built with approx 2.25" bore and a 4" stroke this would be quite a large model.The overall lenght is 24 inches and the flywheel is just under 11 inches in diameter. This unit need a nicer base constructing or an alternative covering. £1800.00

Hot Air Engine. This little model of a hot air engine has arrived from an estate together with the 5" BUTCH shown above. Nicely built but I don't think complete I have been asked to sell it into the model fraternity as opposed to being scrapped. No further details or drawings are available.£90.00 SOLD

Further details can be supplied on any of the models on request.
We would consider part exchange against any of these models.